Thursday @7:45pm- SM
Friday @9am- SM
Saturday @ 9:15am- SM

Gavriella (Gavi) Rubin is a longtime lover of life. She came to Yoga 10 years ago as a way to enhance her physical experience but along the way, found so many other benefits to practicing Yoga: mental clarity, spiritual depths, joy, self-expression, and overall enhanced well-being. It is her mission to share these benefits and help others find increased well-beings in their own lives.

Gavi has taught Yoga in New York City, Costa Rica, Vermont, and now Los Angeles. She loves adventuring to new places and meeting new people.

When she’s not in the studio practicing or teaching, you can find Gavi biking around town, attempting to surf (mostly falling), making Jun (which she encourages you to please ask her about in person), and cooking up organic goodies!