Dr. Kevin Davi began his yoga journey in 2016 after moving to Los Angeles and realizing that a great many of his physical therapy patients were struggling through their yoga practice. After committing to his own practice, he found that he was able to approach the physical postures with a physical therapy brain and effectively evaluate and treat his own body throughout the week to ensure his body was operating at it's highest potential. After three years of teaching privates and classes he has cultivated a style to allow a conversation between your body and mind. He believes that pain or discomfort is simply a way for your body to communicate what is not operating efficiently. In his class you will tune in the connection between mind and body to discover where you need love and where you need strength. In this way it is his hope that your yoga practice will be something that facilitates an incredible life of physical and mental freedom when you are off the mat and in the 'real world' (if such a thing exists)
Class Description
The Deep Stretch Flow is a conversation with between body and mind. Gentle movement and transitions early in the practice will attune you to the current state of your body and the following restorative postures will allow you to treat your body with exactly what it needs. Groove into this gentle practice and let the body open at it's own pace.