Deep Vinyasa Class: 
This powerful class includes breath-work and energetic kriyas within the asana practice. Dive into the depths of yoga beyond simple asana as we refine our practice with articulate alignment and heightened awareness to cultivate true inner stability and strength. Come prepared to access your highest potential!
Yin Yoga & Nidra Class:
Experience the benefits of this practice and you'll quickly understand why Yoga Nidra is the hottest wellness trend today. We will begin this potent class by unwinding tension in the body through a gently moving and deeply restorative physical practice. Then, lay down, listen and transcend as you are expertly guided on a journey of transformation and awakening. In yoga nidra the body receives the physical benefits of deep REM sleep while the mind travels to elevated states of consciousness.
Aloha. I'm Sole.
Wellness lives in my bones and comes from my soul, quite literally. I was born into a Yogic community in California. Three decades later, Yoga remains the foundation of my life. It's my joy to share this ancient wisdom with you.
I create a nurturing environment for personal transformation. My approach is compassionate, true to the lineage, dynamic, and accessible.
I want your practice to be simple. I want you to feel empowered.
I feel the most impactful teaching involves attunement: what do you need to feel balanced?
From here, you experience how yoga enriches every aspect of your life.
I've been teaching since 2006. I've travelled with Fleetwood Mac as a wellness coach and yoga teacher for years. I've trained and rehabilitated professional athletes and lead private wellness retreats for Oprah. I love hosting retreats and spiritual adventures around the globe, having taught workshops and trainings on 4 continents. Today, I call the sandy shores Venice Beach and Maui home.
Join me on a journey that will transform your life. ​