The Heat:
All of our classes are gently heated between 85-90 degrees using state-of-the-art infrared panels allowing you to build a quicker sweat and dive deeper into your stretches.

FREE 90-minute parking is located next door to our studio in the city lot with over 600 parking spaces.
You must enter coming up from Arizona since you could only take a right turn into the lot.
Coming from Wilshire turn down 4th or Ocean Ave. and then turn on Arizona and come up 2nd Street.

Please try to arrive to the parking lot 15 minutes before class begins so you have plenty of time to (calmly) find a parking space and get to class.  You may need to go up several levels since the upper levels usually have the most spaces.

Studio Info:
Mat rentals are available at $5
Complimentary alkaline water is provided
We don’t have showers
We do have two bath rooms, a changing rooms and cubbies.

What To Bring:
Water, Towel, Mat & Good Vibes

Booking & Arrival:
We recommend to book online to guarantee a spot or arrive 10-15 minutes early.

About our Classes and Teachers:
Most of our class are in the style of Vinyasa Flow & Power.  We also have Yin and Yoga Nidra. Read more on the class schedule descriptions.

Our classes are challenging yet open to All Levels. Please go at your own pace, breathe deep and listen to your body as you move in and out of each pose.

All of our teacher are unique in their own style and personality.  Most play music (a couple don’t).  All strive to make your yoga experience safe, fun and unique.

Other Recommendations:
* Get a good Mat and a non-skid towel
* Drink lot’s of water
* Leave your ego at the door
* Treat yourself to a healthy smoothie or green drink
* Be patient, kind and enjoy the process!

For any other inquiries contact Josh by email at [email protected] or last resort text 310-749-1709

Thank you!!!